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Oil Painting on Cigar Box by Alexandria Hafner

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An original work by New Orleans artist, Alexandria Hafner

Oil Painting on Wooden Cigar Box


This one-of-a-kind piece could be used as a jewelry box,
key and wallet caddy, remote control organizer, candy dish or
hung beautifully on a wall.

From the artist:

I am a New Orleans artist. Although I have traveled throughout the world, I have chosen to live in New Orleans, a unique and visually splendid city. It has delighted me since I was a child. When I was studying art at Loyola University, I would explore the streets of New Orleans, looking at the shadows and lights, lines and shapes. It is a city full of colors. I am interested in the way colors, lines and shapes play with one another. Colors vibrate with life, just like the city of New Orleans.

I use oil pastels, oil paint, and pencil, on canvas, linen boards and wooden boxes.