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New Orleans Water Meter Coasters (Pack of 12)

New Orleans Water Meter Coasters (Pack of 12)

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These elegant New Orleans Water Meter coasters come in three colors per set: Mardi Gras green, purple, and gold. Each set has four of each color.

These coasters were printed on an antique, hand-fed, treadle operated letter press, that sat in Katrina induced floodwaters for many weeks and there it rusted for many more weeks. It was painstakingly restored, painted and is in like new operating condition.

The copper engraving used to reproduce the water meter cover image was scanned from an original cast iron cover. The variations in colors somewhat replicates the varying conditions of these covers found throughout New Orleans. 

The coasters are made of high quality, pressed paper, similar to cardboard, and are reusable as opposed to thin coasters you might see at a bar.